The "Pause A" button stops the recording for the buffer A.

The "Auto B" button enables the auto-pause feature for buffer B. This is disabled by default to allow you to use buffer B for delay-like effects.

See buffer switch for the details about two record buffers)

The red "close all" button appears when you have touched the main control and will stop all the sounds produced and will close all the looper controls.

Use Scale, Levels and Grid buttons to show different controls on the toolbar


Zoom and Scroll sliders control the time range for all lanes.


Thru button enables the sound from mic or line input to go directly to the output. Please use that carefuly when playing from the loudspeaker as this may cause feedbacks.

Input and Output sliders control the audio levels. Softclip button enables this overdrive-like effect and adds +24 dB overhead to output level slider.


Tempo slider sets tempo for the grid, Tap button allows you to set it by tapping 5 times. Rhythm divider buttons allow you to quickly change the tempo subdivision.

Snap button turns on the grid display and enables the snap feature. Snap behaves differently on some lane types: