microtonal sinewave synthesizer

supported devices: iPad, iPhone. Standalone and AUv3

sinusedo features two independent keyboards with:

  • 4 – 72 keys (voices, steps) per octave, each with its own ring modulator
  • maximum polyphony equal to the number of voices; max polyphony is 144 voices
  • 1 – 4 octave range, covering the frequency range of about 8 – 4200 Hz
  • display with note number (from C), note name, frequency (in Hz), and deviation from 12-TET (in cents)
  • two sections per keyboard: upper for non-sustained notes, gliding, and velocity; lower for sustained notes and modulation rate
  • mute button to stop/start all sound
  • delete/panic button to erase all notes
  • glide button for smooth sweeps across keyboard frequency range
  • modulation on/off button
  • slider to set initial velocity and modulation levels
  • slider to change velocity and modulation rates for all notes on the keyboard proportionally and to show current velocity and mod rate levels
  • button to toggle keyboard visibility

  • sinusedo supports MIDI input from external sources to control each keyboard independently.


    Manual by David S. Collett

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