spectral cross synthesis / morphing effect

supported devices: iPad, iPhone. Standalone and AUv3

isxysnth is spectral cross synthesis / morphing effect

it gets two input signals, splits each one into 2 parts containing noise and tone components and then allows morphing between all these elements. Freeze control allows spectral blurring- like effect for both input signals, two 3 second delay lines allow selection of different signal in time and also provide "freeze" effect

you can process left and right channels on stereo source or use this effect as multi-input AUv3 — in that case it will use 2 stereo inputs. Standalone mode currently works only in "mono" mode

• three XY controls set balance between tone and noise components, amount of freeze and set up morphing
• both inputs have 3-second delay line; freeze button ("*") toggles off recording.
• gestures on all the main controls (3 xy pads and two sliders) can be recorded and played back when appropriate button with ">" label is toggled on


isxynth quick start guide

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